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Happy New Year ^__^

Congratulations to the winners of the December Watercolour Challenge, bogfrog and 22by7! Thanks to everyone that participated :)

The challenge for January is imitation of a famous work of art. Draw/paint, etc something HP-related, based on a famous work. When you're posting your art, please provide a link to the original piece or post a thumbnail so we can all see your inspiration. I really think this will be a fun challenge; I can't wait to see all the results.
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Happy New Year!

Watercolour Challenge Compilation and Vote

Hi Everyone,

Here's the compilation of Watercolour Challenge art and the vote.

Click here to view the art. I suggest you open another browser while doing this so you don't have to keep clicking the back button.

As previously stated, there are two categories, and please vote in both. Some people enjoy participating in the challenge and vote, but don't want to be up for the prize (2 months paid LJ time.)

I'll post the winner(s) on Jan 1st. Happy New Year!

Poll Closed; thanks for voting!

Poll #642451 December Watercolour Challenge

Non-Prize Category: Choose your favorite


Prize Category: Choose your favorite

draco dormiens

Watercolours and snow

It's finally started to snow for real, and my garden looks like a scene out of the Narnia movie - big, fat, fluffy snowflakes are whirling around in the air.

I finished my long suffering watercolour of Sprout's office, which I began working on ages ago for the challenge over on hp_details. Well, here it is:

Title: Sprout's office
Characters: None
Rating: G
Media: Watercolour *___*
Challenge: Watercolour challenge
Notes: This started out as a piece for the challenge to do a drawing of a professor's office over on HP Details. I decided to do a watercolour, as I see Sprout's office as a kind of homely sun filled place, full of plants and the tools of gardening, and with the quiet slow feeling that seems to be always present in the world of plants. Watercolour is definitely not my strong point, and I've largely only used them in my art to add a little colour to drawings. This suffers somewhat from that, as well as from the effects of having been made in myriad 15-20 minute sittings - oh, the joys of work and parenting!

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After finishing that off, I felt an overwhelming need to do something simpler - I seem to always fall into the trap of trying to over-control my watercolouring attempts. Anyway, inspired by the birch in my snow covered garden, I made a simple scene with Pigwidgeon and a snowman. I don't think I had much success trying to let up on the control though - lol

Title: Snowman
Characters: Pigwidgeon
Rating: G
Media: Watercolour
Challenge: Watercolour challenge
Notes: I'm reasonably happy with this one :)

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These will be x-posted to hp_details and are also to be seen on my journal - I apologise if you get them multiple times...

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Artist: kungfooqueen
Title: The Advance Gaurd
Characters: Ooooh there's a bit of Harry, a Bit of Tonks, Remus, Kingsly, Moody, Podmore, umm... someone else...
Rating: As G as you can get.
Media used: Watercolor. Text and Borders added in Photoshop
Challenge: Well, the watercolor I suppose, but I dont need to be in the compitition
Warnings: Ummm... Spoilers for OoTP?
Notes: My piece for the hp_art_project. I got Chapter 3 from OotP, 'The Advance Gaurd'. :DDD Holy Crap I cant wait to see all the art for the final fanbook *tingles*

(Oh Noes! The Dreaded Fake Cut!)
my other self
  • 22by7


Artist: 22by7
Title: the letter
Characters: Ginny
Rating: pg for nongraphic nudity?
Media used: watercolour and pennunink.
Challenge: yep, *adds tag*
Warnings: so it's not a scroll, so it's a spiralbound. pfft. also: evil auto-resize by photobucket!
Notes/comments: probably my last art post for a while, no thanks to RL. if so - happy new year, people.

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Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder to get your watercolor art in for the challenge, by Thursday Dec. 30th. I'll post the compilation and vote sometime early on Friday morning. If you want to post older work you've done, that's fine by me. Several people have done so already. Just comment in the thread and give me the links.

Remember, there's two categories to vote for now, prize and non-prize. If you want to be part of the vote, but not included in the prize category (2 months paid LJ time), then please comment here so I don't include you. Because you can't edit a poll once it's been made :D

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