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Artist: kungfooqueen
Title: The Advance Gaurd
Characters: Ooooh there's a bit of Harry, a Bit of Tonks, Remus, Kingsly, Moody, Podmore, umm... someone else...
Rating: As G as you can get.
Media used: Watercolor. Text and Borders added in Photoshop
Challenge: Well, the watercolor I suppose, but I dont need to be in the compitition
Warnings: Ummm... Spoilers for OoTP?
Notes: My piece for the hp_art_project. I got Chapter 3 from OotP, 'The Advance Gaurd'. :DDD Holy Crap I cant wait to see all the art for the final fanbook *tingles*

(Oh Noes! The Dreaded Fake Cut!)
Tags: 2005_12, kungfooqueen

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