June 29th, 2007


Contraceptive Mad Eye Moody

Artist: artisticentropy
Title: Contraceptive Mad Eye Moody
Characters: Alastor moody
Rating: PG for the words "condom" and "sex"?
Media used: pencil, paper, photoshop, pen tablet.
Challenge: nope
Concrit?: sure. I love crit. :)
Warnings: you may never want to have children if you view this image. You've been warned.
Notes/comments: Just a funny doodle I came up with while trying to figure out what to do for a challenge with the prompt "Safe Sex" due next month. ;)

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draco harry pottermon

2 pieces

Artist: Dollar-Chan
Title: 'Old Paper Lucius' and 'Two DEs at the table'
Characters: Lucius and then Snape and Lucius
Rating: G
Media used: For the first one, just a tablet and ps7. For the second, pencil and ps7.
Challenge: No.
Concrit?: Be gentle.
Warnings: Attempt at perspective.
Notes/comments:  HERE
tom riddle portrait

Spying On The Spy

Title: Spying On The Spy
Artist: slytherinfiend
Characters: James/Lily, Sirius and Remus (and Snape)
Rating/Warnings: G
Media: PS/tablet
Challenge: No
Notes This is for romancingwizard's challenge 13: Marauder's Map. The piece had to be 500x500 pixels and had to include a magical object, a certain place (the astronomy tower in my case) and a het pairing in the 70's with the prompt: spying.

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Artist: Leochi
Title:Playing with Lucia
Characters: Harry/Baby Lucia
Rating: G
Media used: PS and Tablet
Challenge: No
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: Again a pic inspired by the lovely WIP by Fourth Rose "From the Ashes". Harry is playing with his stepdaughter and trying to get back his glasse from her grab.

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