June 28th, 2007

Trio- Against all odds

Art: About Them (trio, pg)

Title: About them
Characters: Trio
Concrit: yes
Challenge: yes. June Challenge on hp_fringeart . This is what I want to see in Book 7: the Trio. Fighting Together.
Rating: PG
Media used:Pencil, Ink
Warnings: a bit of blood?
AN: I really can't draw Ron- and the whole pic ended up a little strange, but- all in all- I don't think it's all THAT terrible. Oh well...

About them
tww - toby - we're nowhere!

HP Art: Making Reparations (Hermione, gee)

TITLE: Making Reparations (Hermione)
ARTIST: 38gnihsurc
DISCLAIMER: I don't own anyone! I'm just having a little fun.
NOTES: Today I was in the mood to try to draw/paint, but had no ideas. I turned to my trusty flist; lifeasanamazon suggested this idea to me, where Hermione's wand was broken and she tries to fix it. Since I have trouble drawing emotions, along with everything else, I thought I'd give it a try :)

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Artist: Leochi
Title: Phoenix and Dragon
Characters: HPDM
Rating: PG
Media used: PS and Tablet
Challenge: No
Warnings: None
Notes/comments:Done as an illustration to the beautiful and incredibly long fic "Double Edged Sword" by romaine24. I am not really satisfied with the result, the descriptions in the text are so much better. Sorry :_(

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