June 17th, 2007

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Harry Potter and the Troublesome Scales

Artist: snowflakie06
Title: Harry Potter and the Troublesome Scales
Characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Snape, Draco, Dudley
Rating: PG just to be safe
Media Used: mechanical pencil, micron pens, Photoshop
Challenge: nope
Concrit?: Yes please!
Warnings: don't think so...
Notes/Comments: This was a collab between me and edenmalfoy. She had a project for class in which she had to create a children's book having to do with science and/or math based on an existing book. Since a children's book is made up of words and drawings, she asked for help with the drawings and I volunteered to help out. With only about two weeks to finish them all, I skimped on some of the backgrounds but I still like the finished result. The pictures are beneath the corresponding text.

Harry Potter and the Troublesome Scales
  • kellyl

(no subject)

Character(s): Severus Snape and Remus Lupin
Rating: G
Link (or lj-cut): Here
Would you like constructive comments? No point in it considering it was a commission.
Is this a WIP (Work In Progress)? No.
  • leochi

(no subject)

Artist: Leochi
Title: And the Cat Grinned
Characters: Pansy, Draco, Harry
Rating: G
Media used: PS and Tablet
Challenge: No
Warnings: None
Notes/comments: I found this hilarious ficlet today and instead of working on urgent issues I have, I just couldn't resist to do a very quick illustration, excuse the crappiness, I really drew it in a few minutes - now back to proper work!

Link to "Cat among serpents" by Fourth Rose
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Artist: winterscope
Title: Cho Chang
Characters: er...Cho Chang X)
Rating: G
Media used: Pencil + paper, colored in Open Canvas
Challenge: No
Concrit?: Please!
Notes/comments: I'm still practicing! My third fanart.

Collapse )
  • nefyr

Faces of Seamus

Artist: nefyr
Title: Faces of Seamus
Characters: Seamus
Rating: G
Media used: pencil
Challenge: no
Concrit?: sure, on how he looks character-wise
Warnings: n/a
Notes/comments: I found someone who was in my mind the perfect Seamus. Thankfully I was able to use ninja!artist!skills to draw him. (The one on the left.)

(Faces of Seamus)