April 24th, 2007

gorillaz - wave

[comic] FANGiRLS episodes 1 - 4

Artist: thepinkrabbit
Characters: different HP characters + OFCs
Rating: R-ish
Media used: Paint, Photoshop, tablet
Challenge: no
Concrit?: Yes, please^^
Warnings: adult language and general slashyness
Notes/comments: This is the first 4 episodes of the comic. More will follow! This is a tribute to fandom and was spawned from squee-ing conversations between just_heidiand me :) Please, tell me if the rating is wrong! I couldn't quite figure that part out.

( the comic is just one 'squee' away )

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Artist: art_yael
Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
Rating: G
Media used: Watercolour.
Warnings: Angst
Thank you Zerkalo for your support.

"Covenant" by Aucta Sinistra
(Snarry_games 2007 TEAM WARTIME)

"One by one, a macabre dance, Dementors claim Inferi, clutch them, draw them, struggling, close enough to Kiss. Harry continues the spell until they have turned completely on each other, oblivious to all else, a closed circle of eternal hunger and hopelessness.

He stops, gasping in a deep breath, the air so cold it burns his lungs, making him wonder when he last inhaled.................

With a pop, Snape appears – not in response to the Dark Mark, but only he and Harry know that."

Illustration for "Covenant" by Aucta Sinistra