April 23rd, 2007


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Title: n/a. (i sometimes think of it as 'the scoobinius gang')
Characters: harry, hermione, and ron
Rating: G
Media used: polymer clay (super sculpey) and cloth, wire,
Challenge: no
Concrit?: yeah
Warnings: n/a
Notes/comments: I made these dolls a while ago for my brother, for xmas, and it was a real rush job at the end, so their clothes aren't as good as I'd have like. They're about 18cm tall (i think), and free standing, poseable.


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Title: ...If you had read Hogwarts: A History!
Characters: Ron, Hermione
Rating: G

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Also I'm new here too! Really quickly: I've been drawing since I was tiny, i've enjoyed looking at hp fanart (but no fiction yet) for a year or two or three, (i can't remember),  but really haven't made much...yet.
So hello everyone!