Orange Bastard (orange_bastard) wrote in hp_fringeart,
Orange Bastard

June Winners and July Challenge

Congratulations to corvus_coronis and poor_medea, winners of June's Book Seven challenge!

The challenge for July is Characters and their pets.
Hermione and Crookshanks. Hagrid and Fang. You get the idea...No limit on entries. Please have your art posted by July 29th (one day earlier than usual this time.) I'd like to announce the winners/new challenge, etc on July 31st, as I'm leaving for Prophecy early on Aug 1st.

The tag for the challenge is 2007_07

I also wanted to address the issue of spoilers. Please be courteous and DO NOT post any spoilers pertaining to Book 7. This includes comments too! I hope there won't be any problems, but I may change the settings on the comm to moderated posting for a week or two around the book's release date.
Tags: 2007_06, 2007_07, mod post, vote

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