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hey. first post here. :D here are my answers for your survey thingy.

1. How and when did you discover HP fanfiction and art?
humm. well, i've been aware of its existence for several years (kind of hard not to be if you have interent access), but i didn't get into it until november of last year.

2. How long have you been creating HP fan art?
february 2007. i would have started sooner but i was... uh, scared of drawing the characters. yeah, weird.

3. How long have you been drawing in general?
since i was a kid. maybe four, five years old...

4. What characters/situations do you like to draw the most?
remus and sirius. they're my otp and they're also pretty awesome by themselves. but with the rest of the characters i'm still stuck on practice mode, trying to "get" them right. i'd also like to try illustrating certain scenes from the books, but it scares me that i'll get them all wrong.

5. What characters/situations do you like to draw the least?
well, as i said, i'm just starting, but... i don't like drawing animals very much. or pairings i'm not interested in. xD

6. What media do you like to work with best?
for traditional media i like using inks, watercolors, charcoal and graphite. for digital media i stick with PS CS2.

well, and now for the art.

Artist: spacefragments
Title: untitled sketches
Characters: harry, ginny, hermione, lily, remus, sirius
Rating: G
Media used: photoshop, mechanical pencil
Concrit?: if you want to.
Warnings: some r/s slash? (pretty mild though.)
Notes/comments: the last one has nothing to do with hp, so ignore it.

Tags: nk_aoede

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